The Gender Debate (Part 2)

I feel like I should add this information to those making their deliberations on the sex of my baby. (I know you are all still working on it- furiously, I'm sure)

We bought a little test kit at the drugstore. New technology is supposed to predict the gender like a pregnancy test. (www.intelligender.com for those interested) It's only 80% accurate. And when it's not accurate in your case it would be 100% not right! But anyway, I threw caution to the wind and took it. (trying not to get too attached to the answer) The outcome was BOY. Logan immediately called his Dad to revel in the good news and strut around the house like a "real man."

Last night we performed my Dad's famous pencil test. He boasts 100% accuracy in the four births at his lab. It's pretty much just sticking the eraser side of a pencil in your navel- if it points up, boy. Points down, girl. (and don't ask if you're supposed to lay down, sit up, or stand to do this test. Apparently that is a silly question to even ask) Anyway, the result was GIRL.

So in September we will have a winner: Science vs. My Dad.


  1. http://www.babygenderprediction.com/chinese-gender-chart.html go there.. Ours was right there! :)

  2. That is the coolest thing ever, Jen! I am especially glad it says GIRL!

  3. I love your sense of humor, Ashley! Not that I'm ever right, by my first instinct says you're having a boy. And those chinese gender prediction charts have been wrong for each of my kids, both using my lunar age & my actual age. Have you tried the wedding ring on a string test yet? LOL That's a fun one. :)

  4. ohhhhh interesting! the chinese gender chart was wrong on mine- right on everyone else's! I'm excited to find out!!!

  5. Okay - I've never heard of the pencil test, and it might just be the funniest thing I've ever heard a pregnant woman doing to find out the sex! Ha! I was always told its the needle on a string thing. Something like a circle means boy and straight line means girl? Or reverse. Whatever. Hmmm... I'm going with girl. Three is good. You have three girls, and I've got three little boys you can set them up with!