A Few of my Favorite (baby) Things

In an effort to get more giddy and excited about the baby (while being completely exhausted and nauseous) I have been recalling that mental list of my must have baby-stuff. Thought I would share some of the delightful baby fun:

Cuter than cute announcements: www.announcingababy.com

Best swaddling blanket ever: www.miracleblanket.com

Awesome prints for everything baby: www.imnotspoileddesigns.com

I lust after everything that is modern and baby: www.skiphop.com

Super fun crib bedding: www.pokkadots.com

Kind of local (as in far away) but cute! www.oliveandbean.com

"Green" Toys and stuff: www.uncommongoods.com


  1. I needed your list . . . I'm getting anxious to get baby stuff, and these sites will give me great ideas. Thanks!

  2. We did our Christmas cards from Announcing a Baby. Love their stuff!! Too cute! I just love baby things!

  3. So many cute things, it makes we want a baby.

  4. That was my plan all along, Rach! (insert evil laugh here) It's just too fun looking at all the cute baby things!