The Crazy Escaped

My odd neuroses have come out in full force during pregnancy. One example of this? The ceiling fan. I've been pretty dizzy lately, and the ceiling fans (that are in every room of my house) are making it 10x worse.
Last night, the hubs tried to bump up the speed on the fan above our bed. I get it- it's hot. But our bed is very high, and I get very crazy in the night time hours. I was twitching so hard! It felt like someone had turned on the jet engine of a 727 about an inch away from my face. The blades where whirring, the sound was deafening, I started imagining the blades spinning right off, my husband was regretting marrying me, and I almost ripped the fan right out of the socket.
This baby needs to get here quick, I don't know how much longer I can keep from ripping this entire house down! (and start yelling at the bug population at large on a megaphone)


  1. ahhhh pregnancy- would it sound cliche if I said 'hang in there'? I'm a big fan of unisom and ear plugs...hope tonight goes better:)

  2. I'm with you there! I only have a couple of months left and I don't know if I can hang on (not that I have a choice . . . but, seriously, isn't human gestation just way too long?). :)