Ballet Time!

After a hard day's work, it's time for ballet. Again, another huge thanks to Sarah for the adorable (and oh so loved) tutus.

I should probably start looking for a good dance studio now. They're on track to be the Olsen Twins of ballet!


  1. How cute are they?? Goodness :) I want a little girl!!! hehe

  2. Darling video! They'll love that when they are, oh, about 16!

  3. SOOOO cute and so precious! I went to Prestons Class Act when I was a little girl- 451-3939 at 750 E Pyle Suite #110 Las Vegas 89183- it's a different studio then where I went but that's the new studio- they also have a ballet/tap gym class for for 2.5-3 year olds from 1-2 on Monday, thurs, or sat(this class is 9-10) and it's $50 a month for one hour class- check it out!:) hopefully you'll find a cute dance class for them- they are too precious!