Weekend Recap

This weekend has done nothing but reaffirm how boring and old we are. The brother in law, Apollo came rolling into town with big plans and lots of energy. We tried our hardest to keep up. But our bedtime is like nine o'clock. Ten at the latest. So we're just trying to keep up with our fun BIL. We had some fun, saw some sights (we hardly ever go do "vegas" stuff on our own), and had a blast (even though we're totally exhausted). You know we were having fun because we always forgot to take pictures. That's how much crazy excitement was going on. Here's the paltry few snaps we were able to cram in.

Eating is a very serious event. It takes much introspection and meditation. Additionally, I was unqueasy for a whopping 3 hours and managed to eat an entire salad. Delightful.
Sometimes the girls are just so darned cute. How can I not gush about their adorableness?

Claim Jumpers is the best place to take kids. They bring out this baby plate of snacks for the kids to nosh on until the real food comes. It saves the day every time and ensures good dinner behavior.

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  1. We LOVE Claim Jumper!! Gotta love that baby plate! (By the way - you looked so cute at church today!)