The New Freeway Trend

I drove all the way to Northtown yesterday and spent a lot of time on the freeway. I noticed something really peculiar- when a car wanted to merge left or right they flipped on their emergency blinkers. I saw this three different times with three different cars.
I think people need to look into the meaning of the word emergency. Changing lanes does not strike me as a freakin' emergency.


  1. I agree. But the way people drive, swerve, and maneuver, emergency blinkers are probably appropriate -- those crazy drivers are a hazard!

  2. People are crazy! This is when I ALWAYS ask Damon, "Would you have given them a ticket?... How about now?" I would abuse my powers of the law if I had them and give tickets to all those crazy drivers NOT the sweet moms who are speeding late to pick up a kid from school because the younger kid was napping!!!

  3. Yep- there's a reason I don't have any powers- I would so abuse them.