You may call it prison...

... but I call it piece of mind! Due to a series of unfortunate events (see below), it has become necessary to keep the girls contained (and in the same room) during naptime. The solution- crib tent.
I will give the MacGyver award to anyone (including adults) who can maneuver out of this craziness! There's double sided velcro galore! There's poles! There's intricate knots! It was ridiculously hard to get on there! I credit my years at girls' camp for the help in installing this crazy tent. My knowledge of collapsible poles is vast.
But now the twins will be safe. And as a bonus, we won't be running upstairs all the time to retrieve tossed binkies and dropped blankets. I will keep these tents on as long as I can. I am awaiting someone to invent tents for a toddler bed. So much for my chic, modern nursery! But form has to come after function eventually.

The unfortunate events:
The twins cannot nap in the same room. I've tried it over and over again, but Squirt has to sleep in a pack and play in the guest room for anybody to get a good nap in during the day. This has caused some major problems- ie: we're growing out of this house too fast! Anyway, this afternoon I heard a big thump followed by silence. I darted upstairs to find The Squirt standing outside the pack and play. She burst into tears the minute she saw me. This whole thing freaked me out! That's how a baby can break their neck! So now we have to sleep in our cribs- retrofitted with custom roll-cage.
We tried this whole napping the same room thing. Nobody got any sleep- and mommy is wishing she could jump from the second story window!


  1. I call it a 'kid-quarium'- clever! and saftey is numero uno!

  2. It's perfect! Good luck with the girls napping in the same room! I have my fingers crossed! And please don't jump - we'd miss you too much! :)