The Word is Out!

I got this story from Logan. I went out last night while he watched the girls. Apparently they got into a game naming who owned the stuff around our house. Some shoes on the floor were proclaimed "Dadda's." Then they went to the swiffer mop- "Mama's." Then the vacuum, "mama's." I told Logan he would be doing some swiffering tomorrow!

I knew I should have married this guy:


  1. By your title I thoguht you were pregnant! haha

  2. I thought the same as Tricia! Haha!

    Better news- Logan will be cleaning!

  3. You are both so twisted! There is no way I'm getting pregnant again! I like sleep too much!

  4. HA HA! I didn't assume you were pregnant- oh and I already called dibs on Mr. Clean...:O) he he...make him swiffer- a lot...:)