Product Review: Chapstick

I'm a sucker for chapsticks. I have a million running around the house, my purse, the diaperbag, under the couch.... etc. So I thought I would do a little product review of the ones currently in my possession.

I started off with Aveeno Essential Moisture. I like the Aveeno brand. I remember when I had the chicken pox my Mom made up a bath of Aveeno oatmeal. So I was hoping their claims of healing and conditioning my perma-chapped lips would be at least somewhat accurate. And maybe it does- but it is really oily, cakey, and smells yucky. There's something very unpleasant about having this on your lips.

Ok so, E.L.F Candy Shop is a lipgloss, but it was free with purchase, and thus landed in my purse/diaperbag. This one is particularly horrible. It's so sticky! And there's glitter! Ugh! It's also waaay too sweet. Very bad. There is something to be said about a lip gloss that is tinted. When a lip gloss/chapstick claims that it is tinted- it's always a bad thing. It looks ridiculous. Buy some lipstick if you want color... even if it dries out your lips and gets on your teeth. In fact, forget that. Ditch the color and go au natural! Looks better anyway.

Burt's Bees has had me in it's tangled web for some time now. I love everything from Burt's Bees. The lotion for baby is awesome, as is the baby shampoo. Good stuff- kinda pricey, but love it anyway. I had the original chapstick- and it was great. I really liked it. But make something pomegranate?! Sold! Didn't care that I had two chapsticks on my person at the time, I had to have the new pomegranate flavor. Is it everything I was hoping? Yes- and so much more! It has a sleek feel to it, smells fantastic, and even has a hint of color so my lips don't look so pale! It's so much better than the plain Burt's Bees chapstick. It should have it's own shelf... it's own cult following... it should have a star named after it.

Being the insatiable chapstick whore that I am, I couldn't stop there. I had about 5 tubes of Burt's Bees pomegranate, but a quick look at the Yes to Carrots display, and I couldn't resist. It was calling me. It comes in a lot of flavors that look good (all except "mint." Gross) I snatched up the "carrot" flavor. Extra stars for being non-fruity and thus accessing another market of manly, non-fruity men. I love this one just as much. It may be just the cool taste of carrot chapstick, or the organic appeal on the packaging, but I love it. It's my downstairs chapstick. I'm sure I will be purchasing all the other flavors in the near future.

Now go! Chapstick yourselves! If there isn't a stick of chapstick within arm's reach of your location right now, you need more chapstick. For example, I have a downstairs tube, one on my bedside table (night-night chapstick), another with my makeup stuff, and two in my purse/diaperbag.


  1. I LOVE repeat LOVE all things pomegranete! I will HAVE to try this chapstick! oh and we ned to get together soon! No bomb threats at babies r us!

  2. Yeah, let's skip bomb threat day at Babies R Us!

  3. i love chapstick too! i just counted; i have nine in various places around my house. lol! i've always wanted to try burt's bees...you enabler you! if you want to try a cool line, i have a current fave make up website that just came out with a new line of chapstick/lipglosses that everyone who's tried it so far loves;
    i love everything that i've tried of their's. seriously good stuff, and while you're there, check out the forum if you wish. it's awesome! i also love chapstick's new botanical line. it smells yummy, and works great!

  4. I will try the Burt's Bees. My allergies are getting much worse as I get older, so every chapstick I tried this winter gave me zits around my mouth! I had to wear moisturizing lipstick to go running or sledding or whatever and I felt sorta silly.

    Thanks for the reviews!!!

  5. Just so you know your blog post made the Yes to Carrots chapstick sell out! I went to buy some at Target today after you said how great it is with no luck! Not one chapstick there. It was sad.