Grumpy Old Lady

The good news: Rachel's flight was canceled, and she had to stay with us for another day! Bliss!

The bad news: The grumpy old lady that lives inside my head made a surprise appearance at dinner.

The story: We decided to go to Cici's Pizza for dinner. As we pulled up, there were red flags all over the place. Tons of cars in the parking lot, and a bunch of kids drawings and colored paper were plastered everywhere. I (quite stupidly) ignored these signs of impending doom. Apparently we picked the one night some elementary school was having a fundraiser. (that means the whole freakin' school was at this tiny restaurant)
There were so many people! So many children! So many children propositioning me for more money! It was simply too much to bear! (you know it's too loud when a two year old plugs her ears!) I was shaking my fists up in the air and screaming "kids these days! Ugh!" (in my head, mind you)
There should be a kids per square foot ratio that cannot be exceeded. It's important that no one know I'm secretly an old lady who doesn't really like kids.... in large quantities... I'm two more doilies and a dish of hard candy away from being the crotchety old neighbor who won't throw your baseball back over the fence.


  1. you need a broom and hit it against the ceiling when 'those darn kids' won't turn the radio down-he he

  2. The dish of hard candies is a must. Also a GIANT purse with which to whack people with.

  3. My diaper bag weighs like 20 lbs! I'm almost there!

  4. Ahh, come on, it wasn't that bad. It made it exciting.