The Modern-Day Traveler

A few things I've noticed while traveling:

There are two kinds of travelers- those who have luggage, and those who carry their belongings in random bags, either of the plastic variety, or the free-giveaway bags with logos all over them. Very curious.

When I am flying without the twins, I will be surrounded by families with small children. When I do fly with the twins, I am apparently the only person on the plane with a screaming child.

I can never understand what the pilot is saying on the speaker system. It seems that the difference between "we'll be landing momentarily" and "we'll be crash-landing momentarily" would be enough to improve speaker quality.

You'd have to be pretty bored and heir to an oil fortune to find shopping at an airport terminal enjoyable.

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  1. I hear you! We just got back and let me add if you are traveling in Central America some people check their belongings in a box taped up with string handle.