Dear Seafood,

We have had a rocky relationship. I don't like your fishy taste, Seafood. Not even shrimp. Ick. But you taunted me the other day at Smith's with your fish sticks on sale.

"You can't say you don't like seafood if you haven't had a lick of seafood in the past 10 years."
Good point
"Doesn't the smooth taste of tartar sauce sound appealing?"
Why yes, I do like tartar sauce!
"So go on, put the fish sticks in the basket."
Ok, you win. And why does my inner seafood voice sound like James Earl Jones?

So I bought a pack of breaded fillets. Well, Seafood I gave you one last chance and you blew it. Not only was I feeling green last night, was Logan. So no, Seafood. I do not like you. I tried. I really did.


  1. Yuck seafood!I am weary of it myself! Ryan LOOOOOVES it (me not so much) it may be different if we lived rigth next to the ocean but yeah, we live in the desert- seafood has no chance here- sorry to hear of your 'sea sickness':(

  2. (Oh and all the benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids- they now have non-fishy aftertaste pills) yep yep- my mom always used to make me eat fish claiming the Omega fatty acids are good for the brain- I now take the pills!

  3. lol! i loooooove seafood! john loathes it though. but mmmm, i can't get enough!

  4. Love it! Steak and Lobster - where are you??