Abort! Abort!

Waking up this morning, we came to the conclusion that everybody but The Squirt is pretty sick. Of course! Our first official family vacation and we are all sick as a dog! My first thought was to just pack up and head home. Call it a loss and be done. The husband talked me out of that.
We were going to skip the zoo and be low-key, but somehow we found ourselves staring at some elephants in the zoo anyway. So after a couple hours of sleep, the wrong shoes, and spilling milk all over ourselves, this was our first trip to the zoo. I'm sure these will be fond memories... eventually.... once the headache goes away.

First stop: Flamingos!




Looking at monkeys (that wouldn't fit in the picture) with Dadda


  1. Ugh! Sick kids on vacations make things so complicated. Hope she gets better quickly and lots of fun will be had by all! The zoo looked fun.

  2. Sick = Crap! I hope it turns around for you. San Diego is where my old stompin' grounds are. If you love Mexican food- look up Miguel's (there is one on Coronado Island)- if you go make sure to ask for the "White Sauce"- it is sweet bliss in a bowl! Enjoy!