Military Time

We need to all change over to military time. 12:30 in the morning is VERY different than 12:30 in the afternoon.
I scheduled a flight for a friend- for 12:30am. This was quite the mistake- as she missed her plane while she was sleeping!. This would not have happened if we were on military time! I can't be bothered with those pesky am's and pm's after the numbers! I get all confused! Write a letter to your congressman.


  1. Oops! The twelve-hour clock can be confusing. Hope she makes it okay!

  2. haha..that stinks.

    Did you ever figure anything out for Logan for v-day? I'd love to hear!

  3. I'm totally stealing your idea Merrick- we're writing letters- 20 things we love about each other. (there's no way I could do 101) LOL

  4. haha! that stinks! Military time confuses me, we use it at work..and I just can't count, I guess ;).

  5. I'm so glad my idea helped!

    Here's an idea for next year if you want...this year I'm writing a book on Blurb's BookSmart program. I'm writing down the story of us meeting each other. (Neither of us keep consistent journals so we don't have the stories written down...if you did, then maybe you could just type it up!) It was the best time of our lives and I'm already starting to forget everything after less than 3 years!! (Sad, I know). So I've written everything down from my perspective. It's been super fun and as I write lots of little memories come back that I'd completely forgotten! It's not completely done, but when it is I'll get it printed and then we'll have our little book! I CAN'T WAIT for him to see it tomorrow! My goal is to give him thoughtful gifts that make him emotional...mwahaha