Meeting Cinderella

Our neighbor, Norah had her 2nd birthday today and the girls got to freakin' meet Cinderella! Yes! Seriously!
The girls dressed up in their "princess dresses."

And Cinderella read everyone a story

It was also the first time mommy let them have a lollipop. (I know, what happened to the sugar-nazi?)

I know you are insanely jealous that you didn't get to meet Cinderella and get to eat lollipops and get pretty Cinderella necklaces.

But please, contain the green monster that rages within.
Enjoy the cuteness!


  1. OH MY GOSH...now thats my kinda party!! Wow!! Bella and Aube would just die! James has got them all hyped up to go to DisneyWorld and eat pancakes in the castle with Cinderella...Bella mentions quite frequently that today is the day to go!

  2. Another Norah??? I have never heard of another Norah so young and with an 'H' to boot! :-) The girls are adorable in their princess dresses!

  3. FUN!!!!! Cinderella! What an awesome party! The girls look adoreable!