The "Crock" in Crock Pot

How is a crock pot meal easier than a normal one again? I have had "crock pot lasagna" on my dinner list for two weeks now, and every single day I forget to put it together and in the pot by the specified time! It's even during the girls nap! There should be no excuse.
I think normal dinners are just easier. There is something inherently wrong with preparing dinner in the morning. (or afternoon for that matter) I keep fooling myself into thinking that the crock pot dinner is the way to go! Slap it in and then it will be done by dinner. But it's harder than that! It means while the girls are eating breakfast dicing onions and hollowing out bell peppers. (for the stuffed bell pepper recipe) I just don't want to do that!


  1. You know that is funny you say that I think that often. I mean I guess some things are easier. Crock pot whole chicken. You season it and wallah! But Lasanga, anything with pork is much more work. You still have to fry up the sausage and with anything pork you have to brown it first. So I am with you on that one not much easier.

  2. However, it is cheaper to cook using a crock pot meaning it uses less electricity. But that is the only plus in my honest opinion.

  3. I like the crock pot roast- I used to dice up onions and garlic ect- now I use cream of mushroom soup, french onion soup miz and water and it really is way easier- I LOVED my crock pot when I was woring full time- but somethings- that require cutting or chopping are just as hard as regular dinners!