A Tale of Two Babies

While they are genetically identical, there are a few (tons of) differences between the girls. The Bunny is very persnickety about her outfits. The Squirt wants to be a nudist. She is very skilled at removing any sort of outfit and run around the living room like a monkey. (you can see her monkey pose) Is duct taping the kid's clothes to their body frowned upon?


  1. I'm about ready to duct tape Alyssa! I think she's a combination of the twins . . . loves clothes and dress-up, but also loves taking them ALL off. I can't figure her out. Isn't it fun to see the different personalities of your girls?

  2. Not as bad as duct taping pacifiers- I'm pretty sure that's frowned on- I've thought of duct taping Hailyn's diapers!