I lost my memory card and adapter at the park today! Gone! Pictures of babies! Bye Bye!
Sadness. Luckily I have most of them on my computer- but now I'm all paranoid. What if something happens to the computer? So I am off to get a replacement adapter and a very, very large flash drive to save all of the memories. (and maybe a fireproof safe? Or maybe I'm losing my mind!)


  1. No, you're not losing your mind! Your being practical....cause stuff happens!!
    I asked for a external hard drive and a fireproof (and waterproof only $35 at Walmart) safe for Christmas/birthdays this year....I dont want to lose all my memories!!

  2. AHHH!!! That is SUPER frusterating!Happy saving!

  3. Umm, not you are smart! I back everything up on carbonite.com If you do it go on google for a coupon for only $40 a year. My external hard drive broke so my back up was gone. Man I hate technology!