Another Conversation

Husband- "How are you feeling this morning"
Me- "Much better, thank you!"
Husband- "Um, does that mean you could possibly refill my prescription today?"
Me- "Sure."
Husband- "Thanks, I was really going to get to that on Saturday."
Me- "What did you do all weekend?!" (he took Fri off too)
Husband- "What do you mean?! I did the dishes and went grocery shopping."
Me- "That is like a microscopic portion of what I do on a daily basis."
Husband- (Doesn't believe me- yet knows he was really playing Mario Galaxy on Wii all weekend)
Me- "Do you even have clean work uniforms?"
Husband- "Yes, cause I took Friday off, I had one extra"
Me- "Great." (adding Logan's laundry to my mental to-do list)

....ok cable networks, there is your script! Get the cameras rolling! the real-life-drama that goes down in our house is 10x better than The Hills.


  1. Ahhhh the ever going on saga- we deal with that over here- i think women are just programmed to multi-task easier than men- true- but unfair sometimes- I was once asked what I do all day and nearly died laughing!

  2. I can relate to that conversation. Hilarious!

  3. This post reminded me that I totally forgot to pick up his prescription.
    What DO I do all day?!

  4. lol!! i can totally see logan and you having that conversation. hilarious!