Organizational Octopus

...is what I turned into yesterday. My new purse arrived- and I have to say... if it weren't an inanimate object, the depth of my affection for this bag would have bordered on adultery. It has so many pockets! Seriously, this is the most easily organized diaper bag I've ever seen! And I've been through three! I have to preface this by saying that when the girls turned one I was tired of lugging a diaper bag as my surrogate purse. Too many times had I reached for my wallet and pulled out a used diaper I had forgotten about. So I decided I was done with being "that kind" of mommy and bought my own purse. It has been a pain ever since. None of the purses I bought worked for me. And I always needed the diaper bag for emergency meltdowns or emergency minkies. Carrying two bags was much worse than carrying one. So I broke down and bought new shiny purse/diaperbag:

Hello, beautiful...

After having way too much fun organizing my new bag, I got all crazy and organizational. I organized my car, the kitchen cabinets, and the under-the-stairs closet. Then the kids woke up. Normally, I would have plopped their chicken nuggets and various fruit/veggie assembly on the tray and let them have at it. This bothered me for some reason (being in organizational octopus mode) so this is how the girls were served: (notice the fascinated look on Squirt's face- this clearly is not the norm)


  1. oooo, i just got a new purse that i love too. it just makes all the difference. and hey, i will just protest being bumped off your links list a bit here. okay, that was it, lol! and i love the look on catie's face!! priceless.

  2. Oh crap! Yeah, when I re-did the design, I was dumb and lost all of my widgets. sorry!

  3. Wow! I need a purse like that . . . anything to spur on that kind of organization is much needed in my life.