The Lazy Factor

I was simply sick and tired of finding half-full or barely full boxes of pasta in my pantry. I guess I can't make the whole box, but can't throw away the tiny bit left. So this was the girl's dinner last night- a combo of penne, rotini, and macaroni. I would make a reference to Lois' Noodle Caboodle, but it would be lost on most....

And I am tired of making my bed. From now on this is how it will be: (Sorry Mom, you taught me well... but I guess I'm a rebel)


  1. lol!! i have that problem with pasta too, and john LOVES it when we get to the point where we have several different kinds in the mix. i dunno why; he's weird. and i never make my bed. what's the point? it'll just get messed up again in 12 hours or so, right? (but i'm a slob at heart, so...)

  2. LOVE noodle caboodle:) "It's just noodle caboodle Brian" ha ha:) anyhow, I heard about a study from Stanford that says that not making your bed everyday is a good thing- it lets air in so mites and allegens don't nestle in your bed- seriously! I only make my bed when company comes over now:) You're just being healthy!

  3. Well, if I'm being healthy... and I love that you know Family Guy too! :)