Seriously, I need an intervention! We may be moving at some point- near future, waaaay in the future, I don't know... because of the 1-15 widening project. I can not get off my computer. I am either researching this thing or I am looking at potential new houses. I love house shopping. I wish I could do it all day... I pretty much have been doing it all day. The worst part is not knowing when the timeline will be! It could be soon, it could be not! Agh! Can someone tear me away from this computer?! Then lock it in the closet...


  1. Ashley . . . step away from the computer. You won't be able to solve anything tonight -- I'd recommend a fun snack to keep your mind off of things. :) (that's what I do).

  2. I know what you mean!!!! We may be moving in the near future- not excited about it! Love house shopping too- just wish I could afford something right now- sigh. Good luck to you- that sucks about the widening project!