Glutton for Punishment

Cringe...Cry...Wince...That's it! I've had it!
New Rule!
From this day henceforth, the babies will be eating outside, in the buff, with a hose at the ready...


  1. Especially oatmeal. That stuff is one part super glue. One part oats and one part concrete. You're brave for even attempting clothes. As you can notice in most pics on our blog, my boys are in one state or another of being naked almost 90% of the time...I count it as a success if they each have one article of clothing on. No pants = fine, but then you have to have a shirt or vice versa...

  2. lol! my kids ate in thier diapers for the longest time. my family, both sides, were scandalized.

  3. I should have been counting my blessings that they didn't smear it in their hair this time- instead of having a complete meltdown.... lol