Shopping for Babies

This year the girls have shown a lot of attention to their stuffed things, and have liked carrying around "babies." So we thought this Christmas would be the perfect time to get them proper "babies" and maybe strollers or something fun. Into the Toys R Us we headed. There are at least two whole isles of baby stuff! There were babies that talked, screamed, dirtied diapers, drank bottles, and one that even cried real tears! (That's just creepy!)
I was hard pressed to find a doll that was just... a doll! I'm tired of all the things that make noise in my house- and I don't need another baby making "pretend" water messes all over my house!
The girls will have plenty of years with real babies that do all these things- and many more. What happened to actually pretending?!


  1. I agree! I'd like a normal doll for Alyssa -- I don't like the bells and whistles. She just needs something to cuddle with. I did find a cute doll on Amazon last year, so I know they do exist. ;) Good luck!

  2. My mom is on the same quest for Norah. Not only do they all do something, they have a hard computer in the center of them- none of them are soft babies! Let me know what you find and I'll do the same!

  3. We ended up getting two (of course identical ones) of these- http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3333913&moduleName=Character+Theme

  4. How fun buying all the baby stuff! When Trevor was born my mom got Shane his own baby but he would just throw it like a football. I can't wait to see them caring for their new babies.