Trusting and Running

The husband has an eye checkup today, inevitably he will get new glasses. I will not be able to be there to help pick out said glasses. This could be a disaster, I'm convinced I'm the only one with taste and style in this relationship. We'll see!
But while he's away, I'm going to enjoy this lovely weather and go jogging around the neighborhood. I'm sure fun will be had by all.

Update: He let the lady at the eye doctor's office pick out his glasses. I only had two questions: How old is this woman, and does she look like the kind of lady who would wear a fanny pack to bingo night? Both answers were yes. We're in some real trouble now!

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  1. yup, it's true. i got all the style in the family. and with all the jogging you've been doing, you are gonna be SVELTE in no time, lol!