Town Square

Bunny is so good for the camera!

...Squirt just has an adorable profile...
...there's always something more interesting to look at...
..and then we got tired of the crazy fish fun...

We decided to go to the Town Square mall/park/place tonight. We had a yummy dinner at Claim Jumpers (where we barely survived until dinner finally came). The girls were rewarded for their (sort of) patience with the play area at Town Square. It was packed. There was some sort of event for Leukemia- and all these people brought their kids- interesting choice. But anyway, this lone fish was the only thing open. Well, besides the water feature- but it was not hot enough to do that sort of thing.
The girls still had a lot of fun, and as a whole, I consider the night a success. Although believe me, there were some really dicey moments at the restaurant where I pondered the whole dine and dash thing... for the sake of the rest of the customers who may have wanted a quiet dinner.


  1. That Town Square looks soooo cool. Thats one thing I miss about Vegas, there are some pretty cool spots to take kids! There are here, too...but there's just something about the dry air and palm trees that I miss!

  2. That fish looks like it could get a role in Yo Gabba Gabba! haha.

    Oh my blog is back at TRENTMORRIS.com by the way. I said to heck with Google and its.. ways.