My Day Today

6:45- I wake up to the sound of the garbage man, I dash out to yell at Logan we forgot to put the trash out. (the worst way to wake up ever!) Logan says he's already done it... what?! Since when does my husband remember it's trash day?

6:46- Girls wake up. (sigh) Here we go!

8:45- Running to Target. (The third time this week) To procure another hair dye that might fix my current disaster... and some Burt's Bees Baby stuff. Seriously awesome stuff!
9:30- Pour dye all over my hair in the useless hope it will fix my hair.

10:00- No. All hope is lost...

10:50- If you don't look too hard you don't notice anything. But trust me, it looks really bad. (although in the pictures it looks the same color- perhaps I'll walk around with a bag over my head, but a picture to prove it's me)
I've already gone through two harsh chemical treatments, another may just leave me with more hair on the floor than on my head. At least it's the Halloween season- and I'm dressing up early!

11:15- My Old Navy order has arrived! I now have fall/winter pajamas for the twins! And I made an appt. with the best hairstylist ever to fix this mayhem! Maybe today won't be so bad!


  1. ah, crazy color is IN this season! you fit just fine, lol!

  2. It's hard to get that exact color you want w/o spending hundreds of dollars! Becca will fix you up just fine, so cool to have her close. I hope you get what you want!! Thank goodness hair grows!