The monkey in my closet

When I was pregnant with the twins, all I heard about was how close of a bond twins (especially identical) had. I was regaled with stories of twins sleeping in the same crib for years! That they would never want to be separated. Well, apparently my twins like to think outside the box. They cannot share the same space un-monitored (and sometimes with me still in the room!) or there will be biting, crying, and toy stealing.
They cannot, under any circumstances nap in the same room. They will keep each other up for hours! So my solution? The Squirt sleeps in a pack n play in my closet. (it's a walk-in closet, don't start calling CPS) This is unfortunate for me, who cannot have access to my clothes, laundry, etc. I'm sure this will escalate into not being able to go to sleep at night with each other eventually.
I guess this is just a cautionary tale to all those soon-to-be twin parents. Sometimes twins do not play well with each other- and you may need two completely separate nurseries. Sorry to break the bad news, but someone needs to tell you.

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