Missing the Grandparents

Grandma & Grandpa are "abroad" and we're missing them! (sorry no pic of grandma- for someone who takes everyone's pictures, she sure isn't in a whole bunch!) Bunny was on the play phone yesterday talking to "Mamaw". Come back!

I am both insanely jealous, and missing my Mommy at the same time. It's right about now, when I have screaming, not-sleeping babies that I could use a European vacation.... or just a couple hours at the spa!


  1. They are seriously in EUROPE?! Oh my gosh! That is way too cool, and I am way too jealous! ONE DAY!!

  2. Yep. For two whole weeks. I hope they bring me back a pair of Manolos straight from Italy!

  3. aren't grandparents the best?! i'm so glad we moved back close to our parents. (but not too close!) i love watching the kids with them, it's a real treat. :)

  4. Cute blog! I could use that vacation too or even the spa would be good too! Enjoy your day.