The girls had red pails with their name on them. They took them everywhere!

Halloween this year was so fun! The girls were just priceless in their flamenco dancer outfits. Oh so cute! I especially like the flower in their hair. The girls were so thrilled to be "dressed up."We went trick-or-treating around to our neighbor friends and then headed out to the trunk or treat with the ward- where the girls danced the night away:

I'm not hip to the video thing and don't really know how to work it- and so I can't flip it rightside up (again, help Trent!) But wait! I have an idea! Tip your screens to the right- and viola!
And I apologize about the sound. I don't have speakers on this computer, so it may have horrible sound. Sorry! Maybe turn off your speakers if you have them- just make a general mess of your computer to watch this one clip.


  1. Those dresses are the BEST! Sooo cute!!

  2. Those are such cute dresses!! :) And how cute is that little dance!!!