VW Bus

Bring back the Volkswagen Bus! In the future if we have another baby (and that's a big IF at this point) we won't have any room in our car! I'm definitely not a minivan kind of gal. So I figure this would be a great compromise! Perhaps add some power windows and locks, A/C, a DVD player (it has become a must!), and a Navigation system (another must!), and you've got yourself a bus that I would drive! They've had a few concept Bus' in various autoshows, but no actual car! C'mon, Volkswagen! You brought back the Beetle and the Rabbit- pretty much two cars too small for any type of family- get movin' on the Bus!


  1. sorry it took me so long to visit! i have now however, read through all of your posts, and i must say that your girls are getting huge!! and your use of the word blogosphere is totally okay with me. me and my little sphere of bloggers use it frequently to describe ourselves, and since i AM the end all of cool, you can therefore feel terrific in your lingual choices. love the blog, love you guys. i'll have my people call your people and we'll do lunch sometime.

  2. Ok, now if that isn't hippie of all hippies! :) That would be totally groovy!