Time to tame the insanity

Welcome! I decided to become a part of the blogosphere. I'm not sure why, I guess I would like to remember these days that seem to be flying past my memories. My girls are so small, and the past year and a half is becoming a blur. And maybe if I write down my sudden Aha! bursts, I'll remember them. The simple things I forget on a day to day basis is countless. So here's to you, reader! Have fun playing around in my crazy insanity.


  1. Ashley! Sister of mine. Two things:

    1. I'm glad you started a blog, it's about time you conform. I have a similar blog at TRENTMORRIS.com (and by similar I mean, it is also a blog)

    2. I'm am however disappointed you used the word "blogosphere."

    3. Suprise, there's a third point! (You're probably off-guard right now) -- You mentioned you needed help or something with your blog, email me and let me know how I can help. Also, I noticed "craftyashley" must have been taken, so you decided to go with "craftyashleyonthego" -- wow. Just say the word and ashley.trentmorris.com can be setup :)

    Take care.

    Trent Morris
    (one last plug for my site lol)

  2. HOLY CANOLI, you joined us in the wide world of BLOGGING! It's all downhill from here Ü! I'm so excited to see more pictures of your girls!!

    and trent...your a dork.

  3. Three things, Trent.

    1. Thank you for the shameless self-promotion.

    2. Everyone needs a good Colbert reference- including you. Watch out, there may be a Family Guy reference coming up soon.

    3. Yes, craftyashley was taken, and yes, I feel like less of a person for adding onthego. Thanks for bringing up that guilt again. Back to the Zoloft it is!