Gee, Thanks UPS

So the husband got a sales lead last week, and UPS felt he needed some sort of well, something. So as a thank you for the business, he got a frame. Not just any frame, a custom UPS truck imitation frame. That's great, just what I've always wanted to put my children's precious pictures in. And it fits so well into my decor of UPS crap. I especially like the 1-800-Pick-UPS part on the top. It's not only a frame, but it's helpful too. For all my shipping needs, I'll just look at my picture frame. Nice, UPS, just nice. I'm used to the crazy t-shirts and hats, but this is just a little too far.


  1. Um, yeah...thats just...well, crap. LOL. We used to get tons of stuff like that from Wells Fargo, where James' mom used to work...still racking my brain with all my might to figure out what to do w/ a WELLS FARGO frame! LOL.
    Good luck!
    Maybe next time they'll give him MONEY...seriously!

  2. Yeah, I wonder how much I could get for it off ebay!
    With all the money they put into these custom package car frames, couldn't they just have thrown an extra $5 our way instead?

  3. Um, I know this is totally lame, but yeah I am a friend of Sarah's and I was blog hopping and yeah, I NEED that picture frame! LOLOL! My son LOVES the UPS and FedEx trucks! I totally want to buy that frame from you, it is hilarious, and I could get a pic of him with the UPS guy, oh my gosh! Please?