Are You a Hippie?

The husband has, on more than one occasion, called me a closet-hippie. I don't know about this! I mean sure- I am kinda on the casual side, chapstick is my friend, I recycle, care about the environment, and makeup doesn't really get too far with me, I'd love to be able to afford a hybrid, and recently I've been looking into converting our home to solar. It isn't like I'm going off to Burning Man any day soon- and I don't say Groovy!
..... although my purse is made out of recycled water bottles.


  1. Just for the record... With a post like that we need a picture of the purse so that we can decide for ourselves if you have gone to far!

  2. I must agree! Gotta see a purse that is MADE OF WATER BOTTLES!

    I am in the "closet hippie" category, myself...but in the sense that I love to wear some tye dye! LOL...or at least, I love to see the shirts hanging in my closet! Whoops!