The Cast

Craftyashley and The Husband:

We are the definition of the phrase "opposites attract." We could not be any more different or contrary if we tried. And sometimes, I try. Somehow it all works. (through lots of screaming and ice cream)
We have been married for longer than I care to admit, and we plan to stay that way. As long as The Husband continues to admit that I am always right. I'm sure he'll start on that right away.

The Bunny:

Our "firstborn" by one whole minute. Our little bunny is a cuddler, yet she is very serious for her age. She is also stubborn. (a trait she unfortunately got a double helping of from both her father and I) She's a brilliant ballerina- so very graceful for a 3 year old. One can get completely lost in her huge brilliant blue eyes.

The Squirt

Our tiny Squirt is full of fire and energy. She is a daredevil, although she has yet to be injured at all by her crazy antics of stuntery. Being the younger and smaller of the twins, she's also highly sensitive; Do not tell her the wind could blow her away. (she's already petrified of this very occurrence) She's very loud, (especially when she sings) and her voice is oftentimes in a decibel range that only dogs can hear.

The Twins:

Just to prove that I have twins, and not just posting multiple pictures of a singleton. (Is it strange that I worry about that?) Here they are together! (yes, that's us in the background- you can tell who it's really all about)

Little Man:

The newest arrival to our little circus. He is into everything, and is completely adored by his big sisters. He marvels in amazement at their big kid status, looking up to them almost to a fault. He's a complete Mama's boy and has been less "independent" than the twins ever were. Mostly he's quite pleasant and sleeps for 12 hours at night. (I brag about this to everyone- because we're awesome parents in the sleep-training department. All the other departments? Not so much)


Our very first baby. We rescued him from a shelter when we were newlyweds. I was lonely at home while The Husband worked two jobs, and I wasn't ready for a baby. Most times he's more maintenance than an infant. He's strong willed, offended easily, and has a real attitude problem. But he's also fuzzy and cute- and I'm convinced he makes a great guard-dog.


Was a birthday present for myself. And kind of a toy for Scotty. He needed a little puppy to boss around and play with. However, now that Scotty has decided he's an old man, Peaches mostly rules the roost. She is five pounds of fury- fast as lightning, and kinda yappy. But we love her anyway because really, how could you not love all that spunk on four toothpick legs?

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